Are you still mixing or are you already laying bricks?

Finished mortar pads simplify the route to your own four walls


Built-in quality control The new Franken maxit mörtelpad now makes it possible to create high-quality brickwork quickly and safely. Similar to a coffee pad, all the important components are already contained in the dry mortar plate - put the package on, pads on the brick, add water, done.


"Application errors at the construction site are virtually impossible as a result of the intuitive handling and the quality control performed in the factory. "There is no more secure way to build a brick wall” explains Hans-Dieter Groppweis, Managing Director of Frank Maxit. Since elaborate mixing with special equipment is no longer required, product waste, and dust development are limited.

In order to achieve the dream of home ownership, risks during construction must be excluded where possible. The inventors of Franken Maxit have developed a solution for this over seven years of research - the mortar pad. Presented for the first time at the BAU trade fair in Munich in January, the innovation from Franken has been very popular among craftsmen and builders. The handy plates of dry light-weight mortar facilitate the bricklaying process in several ways - no mixing, no special heavy equipment, no dust development.


The pads are simply placed from the packaging onto a series of moistened bricks and irrigated until the tub profile is filled. As a result of the fact that the exposure time totals a maximum of three minutes, after the irrigation, the next stone can be placed at the beginning of the row. In this way the home is completed noticeably faster. As a result of the shortened period of time for the shell construction, the relocation can also be implemented earlier and the double financial burden resulting from construction costs and rent is reduced.

Create High-Quality Brickwork Efficiently

Lime sandstone, light concrete, aerated concrete, or bricks - the mortar pad can be combined with all surface ground bricks and is available in multiple standard sizes. Order and delivery are coordinated by the relevant brick manufacturer and in this way will ensure the optimal combination of materials. In addition, the factory pre-fabrication of the pad also has advantages from a construction standpoint: "The mortar pad is used to erect high-quality brickwork: The standardized plates guarantee an even mortar gap, which avoids heat bridges and ensures high load bearing capacity," explains Hans-Dieter Groppweis, Managing Director of Franken Maxit.


Constructors who are interested can find information at, or directly from Franken Maxit - by telephone (+49 (0) 9 220 - 18 0) or email (


Live at BAU 2015: At the world's largest trade fair in Munich, craftspeople and construction clients were shown how quickly and easily a wall can be erected with mortar pads.

Simple, clean, quick: The pre-fabricated dry mortar plates of the appropriate standard sizes are laid on the moistened bricks. The ordering and delivery of the bricks and mortar pads is coordinated by the relevant brick manufacturer.


After it has been laid, water is applied to the mortar pad until the trough profiles on the surface are completely filled in. The next row of bricks can be laid after just three minutes.

Innovative quality control: Standardized mortar pads virtually eliminate application errors and accelerate the brickwork process. This allows the building shell to be completed more quickly and the residents will be able to move in early.